Lectro Sandwitch Bus Duct

Building on a solid foundation of advanced products, Lectro is recognized with quality and consistent performance.

For more than two decades, Lectro Bar has continued to serve the Busduct industry and will continue to serve it well into the future.

Busduct requiring long life should be backed up by a long record of past achievements. As Lectro Bar has more than 30 years record, do not hesitate to specify Lectro Bar when you need busducts.

Lectro Bar delivers impressive features and benefits that make it ideal for many types of industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Lectro Sandwich Busduct (LSB) gives you all the qualities you need in a high performance Busduct system.

LSB is a non ventilated design available from 300A up to 6400A.

LSB is the most versatile, compact Busduct design we have ever offered. It installs with minimum hardware and often costs less than cable and conduit installations. 


Why to use Busduct (Busduct Verses Cable) 

There are many advantages of bus duct over cables and trays in distribution systems:

  • Less man hours for installation 

Bus ducts are built to fit customer specific layout needs. It is delivered to the site ready for installation. Bus ducts installation needs only about 40 % of the labor required to install cables and trays. All parts of the installation can be easily mounted and demounted. 

  • Compact size

Due to its sandwich design, bus ducts have very compact cross sectional sizes and they occupy far less space compared with multiple cables. 

  • Reusable, expandable and flexible 

As distribution may need changes, existing" bus duct runs can be easily relocated or extended by adding new sections. System components can be added, removed or relocated after initial installation. 

The power supply can be adapted to different production processes simply by relocating the tap-off Units.

  • Safe and versatile design

Lectro bus ducts meets the requirements of IEC 439-2. The conductors are totally enclosed in a non ventilated aluminum housing which provides one of the highest short circuit ratings-in. the industry today. All bus plugs are polarized to prevent improper installation. 

  • Lower installation cost

The saving in labor can generate a total installation cost reduction of as much-as 40% compared Cables. 

  • Competitive at any rating 

When reviewing material cost alone, bus duct may cost more than cables and trays. However, it Is the reduction in the number of man hours required for installation that provides a significantly lower installation cost Also the cable minimum curvature radius makes the bus duct path less by 5-20% for runs with many elbows.

  • Quick delivery 

Lectro lead fames are more competitive than ever and Lectro can handle the quickest delivery to meet the project requirement.

  • Easy ordering 

Accurate layout can be done quickly with the help of Lectro group. Just provide the equipment position, dimension and general layout and Lectro will give detailed aoorival drawings within one week receiving the order

  • Modern outlook 

Other than its functional advantages Busduct system creates a modern view in buildings and factories where it is used.


Reasons to Use Lectro Bus Duct 

Safe and Versatile Design

  • Busduct meet the requirement of IEC-439/1-2
  • Tested and approved by different accredible laboratories
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001/2000 SGS certified facility to ensure highest quality control
  • Fully type tested at KEMA Laboratories Thirty years in the market

True Sandwich for Both Feeder and Plug-in

  • No need to separate or flare the bars at the outlet
  • High short circuit withstand for both feeder and plug-in
  • Low impedance and low voltage drop
  • No need to use fire barrier
  • No flame, smoke or gas propagation in the housing “Chimney Effect”

Tin Coated High Purity Copper Bars

  • Oxygen free high purity > 99.99%
  • High Conductivity>99.95%
  • Good Contact

Aluminum Casing

  • Excellent head dissipation
  • Significant reduction in reactance and magnetic flux leakage
  • Excellent ground return path
  • Excellent water and dust protection

High Insulation Tested at 3500V

  • Two Insulation
  • Main Insulation is Teflon Coated Fiberglass (500V, non flammable, 250 degree working Temp.)
  • All Insulation used better than class H
  • Working temperature 50C, no duration required

Maximum Layout Flexibility

  • Edgewise Elbows
  • Flat Elbows
  • Corner Flat Elbows
  • Corner Edgewise Elbows
  • Tees & Crosses
  • 3. Transformer & Switchboard Flanges
  • Flexible Joints
  • Spring Riser
  • Angle Hanger
  • End Closure

Transformer Connections

  • Enclose flexible joint and transformer bushing
  • Protect the system from the entry of any foreign body
  • Easy check on transformer oil leakage without de-energizing the system

Unique Joint Design (patent submitted)

Double Head Bolt

One head breaks at required torque No need for torque wrench best tightening for the joint

Spring Washer

Maintenance free join using special heat treated spring steel conical shape washer

Two bolt patent joint design
  • More than two tons pressure on overlapping busbars at each bolt
  • Adjacent phases separated with non-flammable
  • Fiberglass sheets (2 mm, 80kV/cm)
  • Joint alignment with tow bolts instead of one in than single bolt to ensure correct installation even with non skilled labor
Heat Sink

Unique design for join to make its temperature less than the rest of busduct



Bolt-on Tap-Off

Bolt-on tap-Offs are used as power take-off upto 1600 A.When the required current is higher than the capacity of the plug-in tap-off, bolt-on tap-off unit bolt directly to the contact surfaces of the busbar joint. The unit can carry either a circuit breaker or fuses.

For buduct risers or in applications where number of tap-off is limited, a bolt-on tap-off unit can be used with feeder instead of plugin-in busduct. This method offers a power take-off at each busduct joint.

Bi - Metal Bus Duct (New) 

Lectro Bar Lsb Al

Aluminum conductor with Copper Clad

Bimetallic with a copper cladding covering an Aluminum core Combines the optimum properties of both metals

Opitons for LSB Series

Hard Lock Nut for high vibration environment


Smart Bolt for critical sites